The 2016 Raleigh Psychology Convention


The 2016 Raleigh psychology convention was attended by psychiatrists and psychologists coming from the different states. These professionals gathered for the summit to learn more about the best practices when it comes to opioid treatment. As you probably know by now, the field of psychology keeps on improving and evolving every single day. As such, it is safe to conclude that what you learn today may be different from the current findings of the young researchers.

Because of this, it is imperative on your part to join events, conventions, and summits on a regular basis. This is essential so that you can keep yourself abreast with the latest developments in your chosen field. Take note that you have to keep on adapting to the different changes around you. Do not be stiff when it comes to learning new things or acquiring new knowledge. Remember that you have to embrace the concept of continuous improvement.

If you want to become a successful mental health expert, make sure that you attend similar events like the 2016 Raleigh psychology convention. Make sure that you continue to have an open mind. Do not be afraid to speak up your mind if you have a different set of beliefs or principles. Nonetheless, you still need to make sure that you remain professional in airing out your comments or suggestions. Do not be imposing on others.


One of the things that you have to do is to watch out for upcoming events for licensed psychologists, professional counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists. If possible, sign up in the newsletters of the top organizations in the state so that you can get updates whenever a new event is made available for an expert like you. At the same time, feel free to connect with your other colleagues so that you have someone to share the experience with.

Artificial Intelligence Movies Portray Humans As Inferior

You have probably watched a movie about robots, machine, or artificial intelligence. Some of these films have captured the real concept of AI, but some just got it all wrong. Maybe it is because we haven’t perfected the idea of creating a machine from human intelligence. However, what does it take to make a robot more human-like? Isn’t it the instinct of survival, or emotions, or the ability to feel?


Some questions are surrounding how movies portray AIs. They have done it repeatedly, and somehow it impacts how people react with artificial intelligence. The general audience may enjoy the awesomeness and uniqueness of the idea because artificial intelligence is not something typical yet. However, there are things that people should know about how AIs are in movies and how they can be misleading.

Questions About Artificial Intelligence Movies:

Why Do Movies Portray AIs As Violent And Lawless?

Most often AIs would be used for mass destruction and such, but why? Artificial intelligence aims to elevate the lives of human, but movies always give the idea that they too are the end of humanity. If men are going to create AIs, they have access to their parameters therefore behavior.

Why Do AIs In Movies Run With Rage And Hatred?

We have watched AI movies which showed them to run in rage and destroy humans while doing so. AI is after human intelligence, and if they are capable of hate, then they are capable of love. Most movies do not show how AIs can be capable of the positive side of humans.


Why Do AI Movies Happen In A Not-So-Advanced World?

Most movies about AIs happen when people are still new to robotics and artificial intelligence, yet they managed to have the technology to create AI soldiers capable of following orders for destruction which can be way too advanced considering everything around is still outmoded.

Why Do Ai Movies Tend To Create A Chaos Between Humans And Robots?

The purpose of AI is to create a world where we utilize our intelligence for the benefit of humans. However, in most movies, it seems AI have the ultimate desire to destroy humanity. It is apparent that they are in control of some evil master, but can’t human intelligence foresee this possibility and prepare for it, making AIs that would ensure safety and peace.


Why Do Most AI Movies Portray Humans As Stupid?

Most movies characterize human as creatures of inferior thinking, that while most of the things in the world is progressing, humanity seems to be going backward. If humans are capable of creating as extraordinary as artificial intelligence, he should be smart enough to anticipate and protect his own.

Humans are the creator of artificial intelligence, but most movies show that we are inferior to it. Some might be way far from the concept of AI, but it is their choice of narration. They wouldn’t have a story if it weren’t for those irrationally alarming theories. So maybe, for now, the audience is still in for endless possibilities about AIs.



We often see that robots terrorize us, and we seem to be helpless and powerless about it. Maybe it is because only a few have the knowledge and ability to understand and create this advancement that they could fall into the hands of people who mean the world destruction. Maybe these movies would only want to show us what humans are capable of creating and what artificial intelligence would be able to do. Somehow, most movies want to show us the circle of life – that humans are capable of bringing their own doom.