2019 Apps To Help You Cope With Mental Health Issues

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Every year, Millions of people deal with depression and anxiety. Every age group seems to experience depression that may eventually lead to dreadful consequences. Causes of depression include stress, intake of drugs, issues with physical health and even genetics and brain chemistry issues. Luckily, today’s youth have risen into action. With depression being treatable in mind, mental health awareness is now out into the open. Several youth groups are now doing their best to lessen the number of people who are dealing with depression.

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How Unplugging From Social Media Can Improve Your Mental Health

In today’s day and age, we always hear about how people “heart” posts on Facebook, “tweet” unpopular opinions on Twitter, or “double tap” a photo on Instagram. Interactions like these are always present in our daily lives because of social media. But how do these affect our mental health?

Social media has become a big part of our lives. It allows us to keep in touch with loved ones who are far away. It enables us to discover new people as well and gain information more about the world around us. Indeed, technology has made it so easy to learn and connect.

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However, social media also has its downsides. It brings a lot of harmful consequences that, at times, outweigh its benefits. An example of these consequences are the adverse effects social media has on a person’s mental health.

How Is Social Media Bad For My Mental Health?

There are a lot of things on social media sites that could negatively affect your mental health. These adverse effects could be due to some posts, pictures, or even people on a particular social media website.

Here are some effects of social media that make one’s mental health to worsen:

  • Jealousy

Seeing particular photos may make you feel resentment. Maybe you saw your friends post a picture while they were out without you. Perhaps you saw a photo of someone with a phone, a piece of clothing, or a book that you’ve been dying to have. Or maybe it’s photos of random people in some dream destination that you’d rather be in right now.

Whatever that photo may be, the internet has it. Social media has it. If you aren’t able to control your feelings of envy, this may lead to the state of your mental health worsening.

  • Inadequacy

Inadequacy is a feeling that often goes hand-in-hand in jealousy. Seeing posts where people showcase their skills, talk about their achievements, or show off their body can make you jealous. And they can also make you feel inadequate or like you aren’t doing enough to better yourself.

We all know that people grow at their own pace and improve themselves in different ways. However, seeing people who seem to be doing much better than us can make us anxious. It can lead to disruptive thoughts like, “Am I not good enough?” or “Why can’t I be as great/beautiful/intelligent as them?”

  • Loss Of Sleep

When scrolling through social media becomes a habit, it becomes hard to tear our eyes away from the screen. This habit can be harmless. But it could also lead to loss of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can make you irritable, inattentive, and grumpy. It brings about a negative feeling that worsens one’s mental health.

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Imagine you have a class tomorrow at 8 a.m. You have to get up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready and arrive on time. But if you keep scrolling through social media until 2 o’clock, you’ll only get four and a half hours of sleep.

  • Being Bullied

The internet is home to cyberbullies and internet trolls. When you cross paths with one online, they won’t hesitate to berate and insult you. Behind the wall of anonymity, it becomes easier for them to be cruel.

It’s easy to see why this would be detrimental to your mental health. Cyberbullying can be just as dangerous as physical bullying.

Unplug To Recharge

While the sentiment might seem contradictory, it’s true. Unplugging from social media can help you recharge and rejuvenate. It gets you away from the negative things mentioned above and more.

It is why we recommend that you “unplug” from social media periodically. It’s a good idea to take a break from the internet now and then. “Unplugging” from social media can be scary considering that you spend so much time there. But it might exactly be what you need to better the state of your mental health.

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Unplugging gives you more free time because you won’t be scrolling through walls and walls of photos and text. You’ll have more time to do the things that matter to you. You can focus on your work or practice a hobby that you haven’t had time to get into again.

Social media may seem to be a necessity, but we assure you that it isn’t. All the benefits it brings are worthless if it continually worsens the state of your mental health.

Take care of yourself. Unplug when you have to.

Changing The World Through Artificial Intelligence

In the last decades, artificial intelligence is only a depiction of science fiction dream where family and friends enjoy watching its theme. But now, AI already becomes a critical part of every individual’s lives. Its system’s function becomes one of the most used programs in a series of machines and gadgets. These include applications like Siri and Alexa. Apart from the small devices, Tesla cars also use the same program to allow the vehicle to drive themselves. As well as in Amazon where it intelligently serves people things and products they tend to buy. That includes Google too where it shows us what results to give users upon searching.

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There’s no stopping innovation and people can expect its growth as years go by. AI algorithm is now a trend in innovation. But people consider it as the beginning of a bigger future because they know that artificial intelligence will continue to change everything.

The Law Of Artificial Intelligence

So what exactly is artificial intelligence? Well, the dimpliest description of AI is the collection of data about anything in the world. From there, the utilization of data creates short-term and long-term predictions and systematic functions. That applies to both machines and people as well. So when we discuss artificial intelligence being part of people’s lives, we’re talking about convenience, adaptation, creation, and remodeling. That goes for computers that become able to read some handwritten documents up to a robot that performs complicated surgery. That also includes the use of a massive database that categorizes people’s individuality based on what they searched online.

Since the world of AI is incredibly broad, there are tons of innovations that society will be able to see in the very near future. It already took over thousands of jobs across the globe. That includes taking information and inputting it into a system. Most likely, this job description is becoming obsolete due to artificial intelligence functions. Jobs like receptionist, cashiers, telemarketers, courier services, and bank tellers are somehow on their way out too.

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AI’s Contribution In The Industrial World

When we talk about industrial growth, AI already reached its potential development. It goes out to car wash businesses, food production, factory work, and even journalism. And as people become interested in changing themselves only to accommodate in the entire machine service world, they see adaptation as a priority. Maybe that’s because AI opens a lot of industrial jobs for the next generation. Some of it is writing software, maintaining and repairing robots, as well as developing new and better AI programs. Most notably, even the most dangerous jobs are getting into the AI system as well. Some examples are mining, firefighting, construction, deep-sea oil drilling, and other careers with high mortality rates. It is an advantage because it will spare humans from getting hurt in the field.

AI’s Role In The HealthCare System

Machine learning analyzes human behavior and somehow predicts warning signs of mental illnesses. People can expect more accurate results of their condition as well as the proper intervention needed for such. Since it already becomes one of the fundamentals of a better healthcare system, it will continue to state its upgrade for the betterment of the community as what it is doing now. While only a few tech companies control the latest innovations of AI data collection, they promise to build a system that allows everyone in the healthcare unit to focus on consistency and convenience. These include mental health monitoring, surgical operations, physical and psychological treatment, therapies, diagnosis, and medications.

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The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

People do not know what artificial intelligence will look like in the future. However, most economists believe that the world will become a more rewarding place when machines take over the hazardous and dull jobs that most humans have. In the better development of AI, it does not only replace human labor in an instant but also manage to think like humans too. That is due to the algorithm that processes and monitors a vast amount of data information to be able to make conclusions based on patterns in the data. That’s how AI changes the avenue for small societal function. These include traffic optimization where it figures out the vehicle’s best route to take, highway rebuilding and all the way to a more significant task such as monitoring diseases and epidemics. Of course, along with stopping it before it even spread. AI also manages to track down fake news that people spread across the web.

A lot of people may hope that AI helps in advancing our society without ending the benefit of utilizing it even without too much to compromise. Because when you think about it, only those who can afford it will be privileged to get a hold of the developed technology of smarter human replacements.

Utilizing Robots For Elderly Care

Living alone is lonely, and lonelier for older adults who no longer have somebody by their side.  Although these senior citizens can live independently, they still long for company, someone they can talk to and interact with and can look after their daily needs.  But due to the short supply of younger caregivers and aides, health, well-being, and safety of our elderly are at risk.

Technology is finding ways on how to meet the demands for caregivers to help the elderly and their families.  Through perfection of robot caregivers, the void in the future of elderly care is hoped to be filled.

Programmed to care for the elderly, these robots are expected to assist elders to get out of bed, into a wheelchair, assist in getting into the bathtubs.  The robot’s ability to communicate is also being fixed so they can interact with the older people.

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Robot Caregiver In UK

In the UK, around 1.2 million senior citizens are experiencing chronic loneliness.   As part of the trial done by the University of Hertfordshire, an elderly male, Bill, who was living alone was asked to test a robot that they had programmed to care for older people like him.

Bill seems to like the way the robot greeted him with unending “hello.”  The robot is programmed to entertain people like Bill by talking to them.  During the testing, the robot even asked Bill to dance.  A robot may not be able to function beyond what they are programmed to do, but they are entertaining and caring enough that their patients feel empathic towards them.

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Paro From Japan

The quarter of Japan’s population is at the age of 65 and above, and with the less number of available younger people to look after them, the solution they are up to is robot creation.   Japanese are creating robots that are capable of looking after the elderly population.

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Whether we admit it or not, the robots are the answer to the lack of workforce or younger generation to care for the elderly.   The robotic device which is a Japanese robot seal (Paro), is created to provide therapeutic care to the elderly especially those with dementia.   The Paros was one of the first elderly care robots in Japan.  In the newer version of Paro, artificial intelligence is added.  So, besides the sensors and motors, it now has learning capabilities.

According to new studies, people with anxiety and depression were able to reduce their psychotropic medication usage by 30% after utilizing Paro.   The reduction in oral medication resulted in reduced side effects of these medications, and they were able to save the money intended to buy their meds.

A 104-year-old lady who lost her husband during the Second World War first interact with Paro in a nursing home.  She finds Paro very cute, and this little creature makes her laugh as she caresses its soft body.


More Sophisticated Robots, Nothing To Fear

With the way these older adults react to the robot caregivers, it can’t be denied that they don’t just find robots as a mere caregiver who reminds them of things to do or assist them to move around.   Robots have been very helpful in easing their loneliness as well.  These robotic devices have been their support, and have become their family as they feel cared for and loved.   They found a new friend who is willing to sing, dance, answer their questions, and talk endlessly to keep them entertained.

Some may go against the use of robots to care for the elderly, thinking it’s kind of deceiving our elders.   Some view robot caregivers as a threat, as if they are capable of snatching from us our future.

Robots are helpless and can do nothing without human manipulation.  If ever they are used in the wrong way, it’s human’s doing.

As long as the intention in creating robot is good, like assisting the people, especially the lonely older adults who are left alone in the nursing facilities, they should not be taken wrongly.  Robot caregivers are created to help and assist, not to harm and destroy lives.

More sophisticated robots that are capable of functioning very much like humans are now on trials in hope to assist the growing number of older adults needing companion and support.


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Artificial Intelligence Movies Portray Humans As Inferior

You have probably watched a movie about robots, machine, or artificial intelligence. Some of these films have captured the real concept of AI, but some just got it all wrong. Maybe it is because we haven’t perfected the idea of creating a machine from human intelligence. However, what does it take to make a robot more human-like? Isn’t it the instinct of survival, or emotions, or the ability to feel?

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Some questions are surrounding how movies portray AIs. They have done it repeatedly, and somehow it impacts how people react with artificial intelligence. The general audience may enjoy the awesomeness and uniqueness of the idea because artificial intelligence is not something typical yet. However, there are things that people should know about how AIs are in movies and how they can be misleading.

Questions About Artificial Intelligence Movies:

Why Do Movies Portray AIs As Violent And Lawless?

Most often AIs would be used for mass destruction and such, but why? Artificial intelligence aims to elevate the lives of human, but movies always give the idea that they too are the end of humanity. If men are going to create AIs, they have access to their parameters therefore behavior.

Why Do AIs In Movies Run With Rage And Hatred?

We have watched AI movies which showed them to run in rage and destroy humans while doing so. AI is after human intelligence, and if they are capable of hate, then they are capable of love. Most movies do not show how AIs can be capable of the positive side of humans.

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Why Do AI Movies Happen In A Not-So-Advanced World?

Most movies about AIs happen when people are still new to robotics and artificial intelligence, yet they managed to have the technology to create AI soldiers capable of following orders for destruction which can be way too advanced considering everything around is still outmoded.

Why Do Ai Movies Tend To Create A Chaos Between Humans And Robots?

The purpose of AI is to create a world where we utilize our intelligence for the benefit of humans. However, in most movies, it seems AI have the ultimate desire to destroy humanity. It is apparent that they are in control of some evil master, but can’t human intelligence foresee this possibility and prepare for it, making AIs that would ensure safety and peace.

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Why Do Most AI Movies Portray Humans As Stupid?

Most movies characterize human as creatures of inferior thinking, that while most of the things in the world is progressing, humanity seems to be going backward. If humans are capable of creating as extraordinary as artificial intelligence, he should be smart enough to anticipate and protect his own.

Humans are the creator of artificial intelligence, but most movies show that we are inferior to it. Some might be way far from the concept of AI, but it is their choice of narration. They wouldn’t have a story if it weren’t for those irrationally alarming theories. So maybe, for now, the audience is still in for endless possibilities about AIs.

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We often see that robots terrorize us, and we seem to be helpless and powerless about it. Maybe it is because only a few have the knowledge and ability to understand and create this advancement that they could fall into the hands of people who mean the world destruction. Maybe these movies would only want to show us what humans are capable of creating and what artificial intelligence would be able to do. Somehow, most movies want to show us the circle of life – that humans are capable of bringing their own doom.